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Mission Statement:

American National is founded on the core principals of SERVICE and INTEGRITY. SERVICE by accommodating our customers’ unique needs every day, with the INTEGRITY of our commitment to on-time pickup and delivery.


About American Logistics: A Vital Part of the Supply Chain

AMERICAN NATIONAL LOGISTICS: Is an asset-based logistics company providing innovative solutions to your transportation needs. In today's competitive marketplace, it's imperative that a company leave no stone unturned in reducing its cost of goods sold. Service is also a key aspect of customer retention. ANL provides superior service, and we use this as a tool for maintaining excellent customer relations. If you hire us, we will be a vital part of the supply chain in your manufacturer/distributor relationship.
At ANL we begin with a comprehensive analysis of your total logistics operation. This would include your inbound and outbound freight, private fleet operations, outsourcing contracts, as well as many other aspects of your business transportation. We analyze your cost for transportation as well as the service level that is being provided to your customers.
Once the analysis has been completed, our logistic services professionals develop a customized plan for your business to help you reduce your costs, enhance your service levels, and increase your customer satisfaction. It will contain all of our goals and objectives and the time frame in which we will accomplish each. This step by step process will lead us to the ultimate goal, making your transportation department as cost efficient and stress free as possible.
At ANL we want to be your partner in the overall success of your company. AMERICAN NATIONAL LOGISTICS will continue to develop and improve our logistic services to meet the special needs of our customers. We will assist our customers in expanding their horizons as new opportunities arise in the ever changing transportation industry. We want to be YOUR partner in the overall success of YOUR company. 
We would love to be your partner, give us a call at 1-866-231-3522 or 1-888-752-2654 
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